Automatic Car Wash

Automatic Car Washing

The automated car wash method, as the name indicates, uses a series of machines that work together to clean your car. Automatic car cleaning can be done in two ways; roll-over and conveyor style. In a roll-over car wash system, you drive into a wash bay and stop your car. The cleaning equipment then proceeds to roll over your vehicle.

On the other hand, the conveyor car wash system requires your car to move on a conveyor belt along a washing tunnel fitted with a series of synchronized machines. In automated car washing, you can also choose between a touchless and a soft-touch cleaning procedure.

Many people prefer automatic car washes over other washing methods for several reasons. Here are the strengths and weaknesses of using an automatic car wash.


It Is A Perfect Process

The automatic process of washing your car is thorough and close to perfect.


It Has Reduced Capacity

The automatic car wash method tends to wash a car with limited or no contact at all.


It Is Not Cost-Effective

The automatic car wash method uses expensive and specialized machines and equipment.